The Impostors Theatre Co.

Working with the Artistic Director since the beginning, the visual identity and branding has been a labor of love. Working to find a balance between designs that are clear and concise, but creatively mysterious and passionate. Since 2015, I have been designing and maintaining everything for the Impostors, including the logo, the brand, the website, advertising, and photography as the Marketing Director.

During the first season of shows, I started to record and edit video from behind the scenes, and footage I designed and directed. I now create video announcement trailers, year-in-reviews, and other work to help further The Impostors Theatre Co. brand.

The goal was always to push the brand further. All good brands should have room to grow, evolve, and adapt. Season Two shows this growth with an explosion of color and vibrance. Yet, we hold on to elements of black and white to show where we began.