Hi again! I'm Kyle and I am a graphic designer, photographer, videographer, web designer, and an all around artist. After graduating from Valparaiso University in 2015, I moved to Chicago and have called the Rogers Park neighborhood my home ever since.

During the summer you can find my wife and me soaking up the sun at the Rogers Park beaches, otherwise you might find us getting ice cream or visiting a brewery nearby. To battle those Chicago winters, we are probably hiding at home with our two cats and a good tv show or video game. Outside of my design work, I love spending time with friends and creating art wherever, and however it finds us. I try to attend as many concerts and ballets as I possibly can, as they serve as beacons of creativity and inspiration.

If you haven't noticed by now, I am a big fan of bright pink, and try to work it into my wardrobe and makeup looks as much as possible! I love to dress up and use my style as a way of sharing more about who I am.

I love making things. I always have. Ever since I was a kid I was drawn to art and building something out of nothing. I love sharing the creative process and the satisfaction of designing something people get to enjoy. I am lucky enough to make a living doing something I love, and sharing that with people I love.