She Was A Vision

Nails, Spray Paint, and Roses on Wood // 2014

The idea of love can come across as cliched and I felt the best way to acknowledge this was through the hyper-awareness of using a cliche of love. The red rose is possibly the most used trope in the world and I wanted to take it, break it, and reconstruct it as something new. The rose has two major parts: the thorns and the flower petals. Each piece represents life. The thorns that live on the surface are the pains of everyday life; a life of negativity and hurt. It is a pure white surface--what we all start with--but over time, the world will dirty the surface. But then, you have a window to something better. The bed of flower petals shows a better world. One that motivates me to be better, makes me want to be happy, and live away from the thorns. The flowers symbolize her and the window is there to remind me of when I saw Her, and a reminder of the difference between when I met her, to when I saw Her.